Eyeshadow Illustration - Parka Jacket

I know the hype for parkas has passed (or has it?), but I recently saw a man wearing it and suddenly I remembered my own parka craze. Result?

parka jacket illustration

Hope you like it. What piece of clothing brings back your craze?

-The Dilly Chic-

Introducing the Eyeshadow Illustration Posts

I've recently (not that recent actually) picked up a new love, illustrating with eyeshadow coloring. I notice that there are a LOT of beautiful looking fashion-based illustration and art out there. I decide to join the crowd for this one, but as they all say, you have to be able to stand your own ground.

I've always loooooved makeups and colors, and I'm a broke college student who couldn't afford mega stuff coloring. But I've been collecting makeups since junior high, some of them are going (and already) bad and inappropriate for face-use, and you can guess where the colors go now.

Anyway, I'll be posting eyeshadow illustrations from now on. Any critics and suggestions are always open, as long as you don't lash me out and tell me to get the fuck off my own blog. Joking, not.

Please note that the illustrations I post are pre-edited with Photoshop, because both my scanner and camera are too crappy to pull off a decent color, so I have to readjust the color to my real drawing color first. I'll never use photo editors to alter the illustrations in any other way, promise.

-The Dilly Chic-

Eyeshadow Illustration (inspired from Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 2013)

In case you haven't seen the RM S/S 2013 collection, take a little sneak peek. Anyway, I'm entering a competition for Rebecca Minkoff shopping spree. Sweet holy Jesus right? If you're a blogger you can check it out here, OR if you're a non-blogger, you can also enter the competition  here.

That being said, I'm creating a post inspired by her fabulous collection. I had no clue what I was going to create in the first place, so I just did what I really (I MEAN REALLYYYY) love to do, illustrating.

Yup, illustration. The illustration I did was made pure by markers, fineliners, and, guess what? Eyeshadows. Okay, to be honest, I did use Adobe, but only because my scanner was shit and the color went all dull when I scanned it, so I adjusted it to my real drawing color.

eyeshadow illustration

I decided to draw a cropped jacket with pattern gradient towards the bottom. For the pants, it's a gradient pattern going from blue - spraypaint blue&white - white.

This drawing is inspired from these outfits:

What do you think of her collection? To be honest sometimes I do miss such simplicity in fashion. Most fashion shows today are filled with rad outfits that we can only stare at, as beautiful as they are. But to actually see something that we can both adore and wear, it's definitely something. Thanks Rebecca!

-The Dilly Chic-

Forget about Story ...

One of Pretty Rabbit's Best Seller dress ♥
another colour, dark red.
Photographer : Jenisa Noerdita
Location : Rooftop

Make A Wish...

Dress : The Pretty Rabbit (Red Bludru Bodycon) / Indian hats warbonnet : Kuta Bali

It's been a week since i took a photoshoot these pic. Yep I actually don't forget, it's just the connection  internet at my dorm room off for a while and seemed very bad signal here. Omg, i'm so sick with my bad bad bad signal. I even could not use my phone to communicate with friends! What the hell what's going on huh? errr...

Well, lately i'm in love with native indian or etnic style. Yeah, you can see on my online store collection this month, the concept is all about mix from etnic, assymetric, and native indian. And, i also want to take a pic for myself  wear this stuff. Location in Jogja, and and.. the photographer is (again) one of my favorite photographers in Jogja. haha.. Yep, he's my friend. I love all his portfolio. He is --> Arie Kingvander
And what do you think about his work??? ;)
absolutely amazing right?

Aniway I never tired to keep looking for scholarships, i mean Fashion design scholarship or Visual Cmmunication . This is my dream, i really want to go study abroad in London, Paris, or Italy maybe? Hmmff.. I hope so !!
I just checked my email and was shocked that I got a reply from IFA Paris about scholarship, but unfortunately I was late . Ah.
Okay, thank's for reading ! See ya ♥

The Theory of Hard Work

Do you know about it? Really? How much do you know about it? Nah, I'm not trying to sound so righteous or superior, in fact I know that I'm neither. Why the sudden post and interest in hard work? Here's why.

Let's just say that I'm currently a college student majoring in engineering. And if you've read my previous posts, you will understand that I don't really belong there. I'm not stating that I don't enjoy it. I do enjoy learning, I do sometimes enjoy the complexity of trying to solve something, the rush of adrenaline when I figured out a mathematical problem, the excitement of knowing something new, and... well let's stop here before I went overboard, you get the idea.

I worked hard to put it together you know... with help from a friend

Let me share a little something. Back when I was younger, as in middle school and high school, I was in a good (one of the best in my city, perhaps?) private school. That being said, everyone was pretty much an overachiever. They've all done stuff and accomplished things that will make you jealous. Me? Nah, I was counted as quite mundane back then. I really admired my friends, their views of life, and the things that they've done.  I've always felt that I could never be like that, that's not the way I was raised by my parents, I didn't have a passion that I loved so much that I would like to pursue, and more excuses alike. 

Only lately that I've realized that those excuses took me nowhere. And those friends didn't get what they have just by flipping the back of their hands. They worked, and I know that they worked hard to achieve it. So is every successful person/businessman/fashiongurus/streetstylebloggers out there. If only someone taught me the Theory of Hard Work earlier... My life would be harder, but it would be better.

Anyway, back to the title, the Theory of Hard Work. You do know that you have to work hard to get what you want, right? Yeah I've heard it too. I was just not ready to execute it, instead I chose to "just live the moment" and lived my ordinary mundane life. This is shit I tell you. That's a reason for people to not think about their future, their dreams, and what they truly want in life. I know I'm nobody, and I'm not trying to preach you about how you should live your life, I'm simply sharing the cold hard truth that struck me, and hope that you will not feel the same way as I did before.

I read in a book called "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell about the Rule of 10,000 Hours. It's stated that in order to achieve world class expertise, you have to practice your skills for 10,000 hours in your area of interest. That's why people say that success takes patience and consistency, you HAVE to consistently sharpen your blades, no matter what kind of shit happens in your life. No matter what.

So here I am, taking engineering because I was too afraid to go after my real dream, while my best friend right now is in France taking fashion design only armed with her guts (and skills of course). I've always thought that "Nah, I'm not good enough to take it", or "That path will lead me nowhere in real life", or "There are soooo many people who are waaaay better than me, I'll definitely lose". Again, I was kind of a shit back then, and now I regret it. Yay!

Have faith in yourself, do what truly interests you, there's a quote in my language that roughly translates to "We create happiness, not them". You know what I mean.

-The Dilly Chic-

Breath Of Nature...

Dress : The Pretty Rabbit / Indian Hats warbonnet : Kuta Bali / Dreamcatcher necklace : Poppoluca Stuff

Hola everyone, how are you so far?
Umm... i just check my email and i've received these photos. Yeah, my photosession about 2 weeks ago at TMII, Jakarta Timur.. Photographer by Adelaide Doni , he's one of my favorite photographer!!!
Omg i love all his portfolio <3
And i wanna show you some of his STUNNING work/ portfolio.. Ready? Okay... Let's see!

all photo by: Adelaide Dony W

And aniway, i have no idea what should i tell you now, ummm. i just feel so flat. I mean, my life. Maybe i need a camera? haha to take of my daily post outfit?
or i should buy a new one. yep, maybe. i will. ass soon as possible.
Some of people asked me about, who is taking all your picture huh?
hmmm.. i just want you guys to know that the answer is ... my photographer's friend.
Yeah, since i had ex boyfriend (he's my first photographer aniway), i have soooooo many model's friend and photographer's friend! in Jogja, Solo, and Jakarta. (psssssst, and actually one of my photographer's friend is my crush! only crush! not boyfriend! LOL)
You know what? they're so kind and fun! so if i need to take a photoshoot , ummm maybe for my online store Pretty Rabit's cataloug photoshoot, or just my daily outfit photoshoot, i called my photographer's friend and think about wadrobe, location, and the models.
A 2 years ago, model carrier is one of my favorite job every week (freelance). But now, i'm so damn busy to manage pretty Rabbit and studyyyyy, that's why i have no time for it. So, i did photoshoot is only for fun to update my blog :D

Okay, have a nice weekend and tx for reading ^_^

Shoes, more shoes, they're everywhere!

So the other day, I went out to a mall with a friend (yes a mall, no matter how cliche it sounds). So to brighten up both our days, since being in a mall never helped with self esteem in any way, we decide to... HUNT SHOES! Really really hunt shoes. Like literally going to every shoe store in that place and put on everything possible. Below are the pics of our favorites, enjoy!

cute red sequin sneakers
Red sequin sneakers, they're actually in the children's section, it just so happens that they have the sneakers at large size, hallelujah

cute zebra sneakers
Zebra print sneakers, this one I ended up buying, yay!

black laces shoes
Black laces shoes

purple moccasins
They seem like ordinary purple moccasins, THEY'RE NOT! They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn! Seriously

We'll definitely be shoe hunting again some other time. These were all taken at the stores. I'll definitely be posting more of the shoe hunt later :).

-The Dilly Chic-


I just spend my time with my lovely besties. Long time no see them. What s super duper busy day, but i still have time to hanging out with the girls. Eating, Gossiping, Girl's Talk, Laugh, Crying, Shopping together, and many more. Ahhhh.. I love this things. Yeah, they're my friends in Solo. I was holiday for 1 month ago in Jakarta, now i come back to Solo, to College, yeah i mean to study again, to finishing my Final Assignment. Pheewwww...
And also, Pretty Rabbit, as always. Super tired, but i still love my job !! ♥


And this one is just mix reference style. I'm in love with ombre style and wanna colouring my hair again. Umm... Just wondering, it would be good.
And some of GIF image and style inspiration. that's so amazing ♥

Thank's for reading, have a nice day
xoxo ♥