Shoes, more shoes, they're everywhere!

So the other day, I went out to a mall with a friend (yes a mall, no matter how cliche it sounds). So to brighten up both our days, since being in a mall never helped with self esteem in any way, we decide to... HUNT SHOES! Really really hunt shoes. Like literally going to every shoe store in that place and put on everything possible. Below are the pics of our favorites, enjoy!

cute red sequin sneakers
Red sequin sneakers, they're actually in the children's section, it just so happens that they have the sneakers at large size, hallelujah

cute zebra sneakers
Zebra print sneakers, this one I ended up buying, yay!

black laces shoes
Black laces shoes

purple moccasins
They seem like ordinary purple moccasins, THEY'RE NOT! They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn! Seriously

We'll definitely be shoe hunting again some other time. These were all taken at the stores. I'll definitely be posting more of the shoe hunt later :).

-The Dilly Chic-

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