Mon Sanctuaire

"My Sanctuary". Title is in French, no, I'm not French, and I live billion miles away from France, but my best friend moved there recently, so I got a little help from her (and Google).

sanctuary : a shelter from danger or hardship ;

It's an excerpt of the meaning of sanctuary in my dictionary. It is a shelter, a place where you will find no harm. For me, my sanctuary is a place where I can be free to be me, where I can exile myself from the whole world and let out my deepest inspiration in my writings. My sanctuary is my room, specifically the desk in my bedroom. It's my whole world to me. There are times where I'd rather lock myself in my room, browsing (webs and blogs), writing, innovating new ideas for my blog and my websites, rather than going out with my friends. Such days exist, and not just exist, there are A LOT of those days, and I love them. Days like today, and to think it's Sunday...

cute card reader dilly chic style life tips
This little thing is my card reader, isn't he adorable?

bedroom desk women style life tips

Messy, I know, don't say your desk never looked this way before.

bedroom desk dilly chic women style life tips

I notice the my pictures are quite bad, with the light from my desk lamp ruining the photo, but I want to make it look as real as possible, my sanctuary, that is. This is basically the space I live in during the summer, and thank God there's no TV and bathroom in here, or else my parents would take me to the psychiatrist for real.

-The Dilly Chic-

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