Music and the soul

"Do you like music?"
"I don't know, do you like breathing?"
They're lines from a movie I can't exactly recall, but please tell me if you know them. My point is, everybody love music. When they say they don't or "well, sometimes I listen to them, but not that much", either A) They're lying or B) They haven't found their taste yet.

Arcade Fire

So those who have found their "music soulmate" should be grateful, very grateful.  I myself noticed that my taste changes variably. I used to listen to angry, lashing out at life music, then to the more mainstream side, and lately some good indie electropop/ indie bands.

My taste of music is pretty much stuck a year or so. I could never be able to keep up with everything all at once. But I enjoy this so called method better, I have more time to absorb the music, get high (non alcoholic and drug free high), listen it a couple hundred times more, and move on.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs - Music and the soulAngels and Airwaves - Love Part 2 - Music and the soul

The Temper Trap - Conditions - Music and the soulNiki & the Dove - Instinct - Music and the soul

Still not moving on from these albums, they struck my soul too much, they touch my melancholic, deep silence mode too much.

I'm sure we all have some songs and artists that make us unable to move on from them (for God knows what reasons), but for me, I'm still gonna keep looking.

-The Dilly Chic- 

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