The Wall

My posts are getting off topic, but I have to write about this one. This is important not only to women, but to everyone in general.

Motivational Wall
My wall in my old room

That was a part of my wall in my old rented room.

The rest of the walls were covered with my treasures, a badly hand drawn world map, a big piece of doodling paper for anger purposes, a picture of my favorite car....

They are my treasures, and when I had to move, these are the first things that I thought of.
"What am I gonna do with these?" I can't throw them away, so I put it in my friend's room next door until I can settle in my new place later.

Why is this such a big deal to me? The wall, as I like to call it, reminds me of the times when I wrote and created each piece of the puzzle. When I look at a certain piece of post-it, I remember the reason I wrote that certain piece, I flash back to the time I wrote it, and how I felt back then. Each writing means something.  So every time I feel like crap, I look at my wall, read a piece according to my situation at the time, remembered the loop of feeling playing all over again, take a deep breath, and move on.

It goes on like that every time, every single time...

That particular wall helps me so much in life. It cuts down the time I need to sulk and blame the world. 

It helps me.

So why don't you make one and help future you. Future you will be so grateful that you have made that wall. Each time you feel anything, analyze your own emotion, what causes it, and what piece of advice you've once heard from another person that could possibly make you feel better if you hear it again. Or maybe a personal advice from you addressed to the future you, so he/she wouldn't make the same mistakes you just did. Write it on a piece of paper (it does NOT have to be a post-it), and tape it on the wall. 

Done. Doesn't take more than 5 minutes to do, saves you hundreds of minutes of blues later on. If I may suggest, you should do it in colorful, clear, and fun font. I mean, the whole point is to cheer you up, not to confuse yourself with "What the hell did I wrote?" situation.

-The Dilly Chic-

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