Problems with Short Hair

Hair issue is the most common one we face every day. Bad curl, hair fall, dandruff, and so on. That's why most women decide to chop off their hair short. Shorter hair means shorter problems right? Not really.

Even though short hair takes care of some problems, like hair fall and split ends, it doesn't solve everything. Mostly when you just have your newly cut hair, you will get rid of old hair problems, but then you realize that you have new issues to deal with.
Short hair tends to be lighter, so, your hair will be more out of control. You wouldn't be able to get the curl or the shape right to what you want, because you realize that your hair loses volume when it gets cut.

You can't create as much hairstyles as when you still had your long hair, right? Well, there are pretty limited hairdo options when it comes to short hair. This can mean nightmare to some women, but it can also scream "Hooray" for those who hate spending too much time on the mirror.

New splits will occur. Just because you cut your problems away, it doesn't mean that those annoying splits will stop harassing you. Most likely if you don't take good care of your hair, the splits will come back haunting again. So after you cut your hair and get rid of the splits, always take better care of your hair.

These problems aren't really that big of a deal compared to problems long, heavy hair has. But still, there are problems, so let's not get too carried away with the whole "cut your hair, get rid of your problems" imagination. I hope that you will be ready to take on short hair! It's really fun once you have one!

- The Dilly Chic -

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