Oh yeah, as i said before that i would love to take a pic again at the rooftop! i'm addicted. hahaha..
Today i went to rooftop at SS (16:30 pm) yeah it's mean i'm waiting for sunset (again)
haha.. I really love sunset, see the golden light sunrise it's so romantic for me. Do you think what i think? :D
And! very good to did a some of photoshoot .
With my little friend Tiurrecha again, she's still 18 years old but she look so stylish and also love fashion!
Uh! i'm so happy to hear that. It's mean we can take a picture all the time! We both narcisist and silly :D
hahaha.. Alright, i wanna show you the picture that i took today, evening.. Umm, i just can't wait to upload on my blog :D
editing by me .
And let me know what you think! ;)

Outfit : Cutting Top DIY - Floral Skirt from ThePrettyRabbit - Black Wedges from Random Store- John Lennon Sunglasses i bought in Kuta, Bali

Thank's for reading ♥

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