Overdone Makeup Mistakes

We've seen people with very off the hook makeup. Should we blame them for looking like that?

Even though I do agree that everyone has their own style, and nobody else have the right to judge them, it's still unacceptable to put on so many colors on your face. Poor face.

Overdone Make up

Maybe they do what they do because they have what I call misconception, or mistakes. They probably didn't have proper guidance on how to wear makeup that actually both beautify, and raises you level of confidence.

I only have one tip on this one. If the eyes go light, the lipstick can go heavy (bright, darker red shades). And if the lips go light, the eyes can go heavy. Or you can do balance between both. This is one basic that people tend to forgo, and combining heavy on heavy is usually what we classify as "overdone" or "caked" or "Adam Lambert" (great singer though).

-The Dilly Chic-

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