Orange Salmon ...

I'm back, yess it's me :D
Alright, i'm in love with orange salmon colour now.. I bought this pleated long skirt when i was holiday in Jogja, omg i really love this one, feel so comfort and lovely !! And Crop fringe top, oh my god, it's so cute, unique and soft..
Now i'm in Jogja again to meet my crush here.. *shy*
Then i mix and match Pleated long skirt "Orange Salmon" with Fringe Crop Top (Soft Green) , haha.. Looks like Sushi colour, huh? Ready to eat?  LOL
Aniway, i bought "Indian Hats" from Kuta, Bali, and Dreamcathcer Necklace from Popoluca Stuff, online shop .
Thank's to :
Photographer : Tiureza
Location : Fajar Indah
Well, Happy Fasting to you all ! <3

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